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Tara Sellios

Seven Evil Thoughts

I strive to create images that elegantly articulate the totality of existence, focusing heavily on the broad themes of life and death, with further emphasis placed on ideas of fragility, impermanence and carnality. Death has always possessed a significant presence within the history of art, ranging from altarpieces to the work of the Dutch still life painters. Manifesting melancholic themes with beauty and precision, as these artists did, results in an image that is seductive, forcing the viewer to look, despite its apparent grotesque and morbid nature. Through these images, I aspire to make apparent the restlessness of a life that is knowingly so temporary and vulnerable.

The inherent cycle of life is complicated by a rhythm of desires, needs, fears and beliefs. Influenced by these ideas, this collection of images is constructed around the age old notion and artistic tradition of the Seven Deadly Sins. Believed to be created around the 4th century by a monk who labeled these sins simply as "evil thoughts", the Seven Deadly Sins became a common theme in European painting. Translated in present day, these vices appear as merely visceral actions of human nature, unavoidable due to our drives, impulses and insatiable passions.