/15 Mountains
#15 Mountains, Editorial


The man who climbs a mountain comes near the sky. The more he clims up to the top, the more he seems to be on the crest of the mountain at the same time this can mean to be on the brink of an abyss. The ambivalent connection between effort and pleasure keeps us company during the ascent. The aim of the exploration, physical and intimate, is not reaching the top but the knowledge of a place with new eyes. Those which were once the limits of the natural world are going to suffer a progressive process of erosion. This inexorable anthropological occupation reveals itself in the mountain landscape in mutable expressions, splendid and fierce.

Through this monographic issue dedicated to mountains, Landscape Stories witnesses this variance. A research through the most worldlinesses and assureds territories or the ones more roughs and desertic, until the attainment of noiseless and unlimited places: the Italian, Swiss and Austrian Alps, the Balkan chain, the charmed mountains of Tajikistan, the rockies of Aspen, the Bolkar or Groenland ones, the Aletsch and icelanders glaciers. The morroccan Atlas, the northern Caucasus, the french Pyrenees, the andean and peruvian Cordillera, the american West, Everest, Patagonia, Norway, Australia, Alaska.