/15 Mountains

Stefan Bogner


Curves – Soulful Driving is a high-quality magazine, produced with love and aimed to be read by all who drive, bike or cycle with passion and seek the joy and adventure of the open road. People who are prepared to shake off their shackles and live their exclusive dream. It is a magazine for those for whom already the planning of a journey is an act of celebration. It is designed for the devotees and dreamers who experience the drive in their mind’s eye before even embarking on the real-life adventure.

The concept of Curves – Soulful Driving is to pair incomparable images of mountain passes and bends with a 5-day road movie story, giving the reader the opportunity to experience the journey through the eyes of the two main characters before setting out on the journey him/herself. But what is it that makes peak-chasing so fascinating? According to the French writer Albert Camus: “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” Consequently, Curves – Soulful Driving is also a story of experiencing this happiness. And this is always accompanied by friendship. For why do we set out on a journey? One reason is to get to know ourselves better. And what better way to do that than in the company of a good friend.

A curve is the most sensuous line between two points – and in a certain way also the most realistic. Almost no one who sets themselves a goal will be able to reach it by the shortest of all routes. And if all our wishes were to come true all at once, we would feel cheated out of the way towards achieving them. Driving teaches us to be in the here and now. And people who live in the here and now are happy. So set out on the quest for the flow, that timeless high plain of being where, for once, cause and effect are an irrelevance, and where only the moment counts.