/21 Crime

Augustin Le Gall

Beneath the Jasmine

Repression and torture were a key means of oppression under the Bourguiba and Ben Ali regimes. Political and human rights activists, lawyers, bloggers, student, citizens and many other people have been victims of violence, abuses, harassment and psychological and physical torture.

However, before the popular uprising between December 2010 and January 2011, Tunisia remained a favorite of international tourism where jasmine decorated postcards of the country. After the revolution of January 2011 and the writing of a new constitution three years on, which is based on the values of democracy and freedom, Tunisia is facing it’s history.

Between collective history and single stories, this series of intimate portraits, tell us the story of these men and women who underwent this institutionalized violence.

A photographic project of Augustin Le Gall and World organization against torture.