/22 Outer spaces

Caroline Corbasson


The vision of certain landscapes, in all their breadth and splendor, exert a powerful attraction on Caroline Corbasson, an attraction that is part of a stimulating history, that of romantic painters and Land Art artists. To read her work, it is interesting to know that the artist visited a number of sites similar to those that appear in her work. Inversely, the hollowed-out landscapes and infinite celestial spaces that she presents often remain inaccessible and difficult to situate. Certain universes – even if they are inspired by forms in nature – appear in a virtual space and subtly oscillate between density (materials and/or tones) and lightness specific to the image. This interest in the hostile but sublime landscapes that arouse contradictory feelings – somewhere between admiration and fear – are asserted in a series of images of dangerous roads that the artist is currently collecting.

Text excerpt by Lionnel Gras