/22 Outer spaces

Kasia Klimpel


An abundance of photographs, also of nature, can be found on internet. A sunrise or sunset are photographed daily, although billions of such images have been made. These photo´s tend to look in a similar way, as if while making them we unconsciously reproduce the images we have seen already. An individual act of making a photo becomes part of an ongoing cliché production. Although these are photographs of fake nature, we might recognise them as images we know from our collective imagery experience.

The featured photographs make part of a project entitled Still, which has been inspired by cliché images of nature. The project has been materialised in a form of a photobook. It consists of eight booklets, each devoted to a different theme of cliché images of nature: Sun, Moon, Horizon, Mountain, Field, Sky I, Sky II and Cosmos. The presented photographs come from the booklets Cosmos and Moon.