/22 Outer spaces

Sasha Tamarin

When the Earth Rises

I’m interested in the relationship between science, culture and time. Admiration of scientific discoveries belongs to the previous centuries, when the science was a matter of a national achievement (e.g. Cold war), trying to break through new boundaries and reveal the mechanisms of life and universe.

Then, in the museums of natural history and science, the gain was cleaned, polished, categorized and prepared for the show. These museums were used to look like pompous temples characterized with high ceilings, expensive wood and glass vitrines.

Rocks exist from millions of years ago, before the first humans lived on earth. For me, they are universal objects that cannot be associated with any nationality or history, but with a power of the timeless and the eternal.

This body of work contains an eclectic collection of images, sometimes from dichotomous points of view that may vary from an almost childish admiration of science and progress to a cynical attitude regarding the humanity’s attempts to decipher and taking control over the nature.