/24 Road
#24 Road, Editorial


"The road is one of the main elements planned by men in contemporary age capable of producing landscape."
— John Brinckerhoff Jackson

The road is not only an integral and indivisible part of the territory but it can also create new forms, new spaces, new landscapes. Among the elements of this new relationship between the parts and the whole thing we can find: cars, gas stations, motels, hotels, billboards, signs, houses, fences, gates, malls, junctions, detours, flowerbeds, curbs, connections…

Lived spaces and unstable areas that interchange themselves with those of static and geometric maps. The aesthetics of speed as a metaphor to reach the joy, the journey of discovery, the frantic oblivion of the ordinary world. A fast car, the desire of freedom inside, dark and steaming long streets spreading out, looking at the infinite. An alternate lingering prefiguring uncertain migrations.

An Endless Road as an Endless Summer…