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Robert Knoth / Antoinette de Jong

POPPY – Trails of Afghan Heroin

Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin is a story of our times: just as globalization has forged new connections in industry and business, creating new opportunities for millions worldwide, it has also provided new openings for organized crime and terrorists groups. Poppy sheds light on some of those darker corners of globalization. It tracks the heroin from its source in Afghanistan’s remote mountains through to the streets of Europe and beyond. The old Silk Road, which once brought pearls and porcelain to the west, is now bringing death and destruction. It connects drugs, armed conflict, corruption and human trafficking. Interconnectivity in a modern world creates multiple forces of its own, operating in destabilizing ways in many areas. Drugs have become an integral part of modern warfare; the trade in drugs an integral part of our economies

AdJ/RK, October 2012, Amsterdam

Poppy, trails of Afghan heroin from Metro Collective on Vimeo.