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Marseilles isn't a city for tourists. There's nothing to see. Its beauty can't be photographed. It can only be shared. It's a place where you have to take sides, be passionately for or against. Only then can you see what there is to see. And you realize, too late, that you're in the middle of a tragedy. An ancient tragedy in which the hero is death. In Marseilles, even to lose you have to know how to fight.

This was the story of Marseille. Its eternity. An utopia. The only utopia in the world. A place where anyone, of any color, could get off a boat or a train, with a suitcase in his hand, without a penny in his pocket, and mingle in the flow with other people. A city where, placed foot on the ground barely, that person could say: «Here I am. This is my home».