/31 Psychotic Reactions
#31 Psychotic Reactions, Editorial


PSYCHOTIC REACTIONS // BESIDE MUSIC: people, lifestyle, rituals

What are the songs that struck us in our adolescence? And then how much music has been a costant presence during our life? What was hiding and what still hides behind that sort of iridescent carnival sound?

In addition to the vibrations and noise we adore, every musical movement feeds the wildest idolatry and religious worship of your own heroes.
That childish and disordered outburst, the rebellion against all power forms, the unavoidable need for a perspective decrease, the rash acts, an unbridled exhibition, a coarse pose, the spastic gestures, the feeling of danger and threat, the electric tension, the explosion of violence... again... the physical ostentation, the repeated excesses, the subversive importance of cross-dressing, sex as rock'n'roll main engine.

The misfits, the outcast, the minorities, meet each other and strengthen the unconditional belonging to a group where they can exist and shine. Rituals, styles, fashions are the changing scenario of these magnificent falling stars.