/02 Snow Blind
#2 Slow Blind, Editorial


Landscape Stories number 02, Snow Blind, has as a theme the void. A path walk from zero to the infinite along with different interpretations and shades. A short-lived narration that starting from the edges lingers in the dark searching for evanescent and unstable horizons. The void as expectation, suspension, amnesia. Absence, silence, renunciation. An absolute concept, feeble un-materialism, pure emptiness. Symbol, reject, lack. Physical void, tangible, real. Intimate, psychological, emotional. Frustration for betrayed hopes, remembrance of what has been irremediably lost, confusion of the senses. Desertification of the mind. Re-positioning one’s gaze from material to virtual. Interval. The Space Between. The void makes the relationship between background and figure more effective and strengthens the perception of the elements. Not just nihilism, empty horrors and negative thinking but proliferative tension, extraordinary planning instrument and ignition of innovation. The enormous potential that absence has, sometimes takes on generative value, in tune with the culture and aesthetic expressions dear to the Orients. The void can become a different starting point, the place where thinking and mind can generate new words.