/02 Snow Blind

Jakob Hunosøe

On Things Ordinary

I employ the photograph as an instrument uncovering new meanings in our immediate surroundings. Using simple artifices, I try to add a poetic and humorous dimension to our everyday surroundings.Two identical wash hand basins with identical objects reflect their blue colours in each other. A volleyball seems to be floating weightlessly above the floor. Green feathers fall from the sky. Everyday life is the focal point in my photographs, though the reality they portray is full of extraordinary effects. Ordinary objects, such as chairs, discloths, bookshelves, kitchen utensils, bathroom interiors, rackets and tools, appear in unexpected and surprising constellations.No digital manipulation is employed. With daylight as the only light source and my own staging of the situations in front of the camera, the photographs merely document what takes place in front of the lens.