/05 Animals

Pauline Vachon


Zoo photographs taken from dioramas featuring animals. In each of these scenes, only a fraction of the diorama is reproduced by photography and framing is centered on the gaze of an animal towards the viewer. Unlike vision overall, which would ensure greater consistency of all, the choice to focus the image on a part or a detail reinforces the strangeness of representation. In a diorama, the different planes that compose the image: the «fresco» painted in two dimensions, which serves as background, and simulacra of plants and animals in three dimensions, attempt to accurately reproduce the «real». The heterogeneity of constitutive dioramas, among elements bi-and tri-dimensional, obvious when one is facing the device becomes extremely ambiguous since it is fixed by a camera lens. The photograph of dioramas switches the light in a universe «unusual» in which notions of «real « and «true» are disturbed.