/06 Cars

Roderik Henderson


Domain trailer from KINÉ-IMÁGENES on Vimeo.

DOMAIN is a film installation consisting of several fictional “cinematographic tableaux”, depicting a situation around a flipped car in a desert landscape. Turned upside down, a crashed car lays in puddle of sooty oil. It’s as immobile and helpless as a turtle on its back. Black smoke billows up from under the steel carcass. The driver is hanging upside down, trapped in his seatbelt. Two other people scramble in and around the flipped car. They try to get the driver out of his awkward position. But it doesn’t work. Mimicking society on the verge of disaster, they intuitively try to establish a hierarchy. As they wait for help that never comes under the scorching heat of the desert sun, we learn what happened to these people while we witness how these circumstances strip everything to a core.