/03 The Colour of Memory
#3 The colour of memory, Editorial


The Colour of Memory is the title of Landscape Stories’ third issue. The time theme has always fascinated the arts world in its most diverse interpretations and shades. For us, time is a map that doesn’t represent locations belonging to different latitudes but tells of existing things and suggests paths to take. This vague human geography does not follow a continuous line, but like a spider web it links acts and people and along its threads there are stories, one after the other, assumptions develop and destinies cross. Minute details reveal apparitions as long as a whole lifetime as if in an epiphany. Memory is as crowded as a box of dreams, waiting eternally for a future that never comes still aready gone, where relations, plots and experiences interweave until they re-assemble the image of a fading postcard. Traces of recollections turn up as inaccurate pictures, coarse grained and faint, hazy and oneiric. Dust clouds the colour of memory, blinded by eccessive light. All of time’s history seems vague and rusts in our hands, like a pile of rubbles in a dim expanse, a land made of bones.