/03 The Colour of Memory

Igor Starkov


“The most wonderful feature of the memory is forgetting” said russian physiologist Pavlov.Russian people have a lot to forget. Actually, russians have defective memory. All the time something happens in our country – like acts of terrorism, accidents, wars, revolutions, disasters.If we have good memory we are going mad.But I have an excellent memory so i try to see only beauty at all,forgetting about bad things.


In July 2010 the air temperature in Central Russia has reached +35-40 °C. The reason was atmospheric cyclone from Africa. Record heat stayed for about two months. In the end of July forest fires began, smoke of them blanketed several Russian regions. The fire covered thousands hectares of forest, many villages were damaged, some of them were burned to the ground. According to Scientists, there has never been heat like this in Russia.


I has left Moscow for several days, and when I came back all city was white, like wadding.


When I was a kid I went to archeological expeditions. Sometimes I had to analyze layers of earth where the remains of ancients fires were.


When you walk into burned wood the most wonderful thing is absolute silence.