/03 The Colour of Memory

Meike Nixdorf

The Point of View

What is it that one reacts to when first entering an unfamiliar place? What does a person continue to notice, upon the second or third glance? How does an image, and thus the sense of place projected from an image, change, when there is a variation in the framing or angle?

Similar to a reflection, when paired or tripled, images seem to be mirrored. They visually repeat the same scene, with slight differences, or altogether changes. The photographs begin to represent fragments of visual details. I like to think that through the solitary study of an image, with variations and repetitions, one can obtain a more complex understanding of the nature of a place, as well as the feelings of the photographer.

These photographs tell stories about different places I visited between 2006 and 2009, documenting how places slowly unfold before the eye. For me there are multiple frames, and multiple points of view. These views arise from different- fragments, angles, framings and viewpoints. Somewhere between these multiple foregrounds and backgrounds repetition becomes a reflection and this reflection unfolds into a story.