/04 Traces

Nikita Pirogov

The Other Shore

For me photography is an exploration of tangible things, which I take from their place in nature and make into images with their own associations, just as functional speech lies adjacent to lyrical music in the palette of sound. This process is a manifestation of all the factors of practical experience that aect our perception: climate, race, temperament, education, and many others. This process is aided by structure and composition, as well as by formal elements rooted in our biological experience.The world exists in harmony. It is structured and therefore logical. I try to examine the causal principles of my own view of the world and all the information pouring out of it. I try to peer into it, and listen carefully to everything I do, be it in photography or video, or in the other things I have been doing since childhood – drama, music, painting. I am interested in looking for parallels in separate elements of various art forms. In effect, by doing this I am trying to feel my way towards some kind of visual ‘poetry’. I select details (metaphors) from the immense volume of information in the outside world, that might be able to create a cohesive narrative and explore some concept , where every image is self-sufficient poetic expression.