/09 Adolescence
#9 Adolescence, Editorial


During adolescence the child is detached from his own familiar context and goes in search of his own identity and independence. A strong primordial energy begins to move inside. The change is impetuous and invests the physical appearance, the way of dressing, the music to listen to, the friends to choose, the experiences to live, obsessions, passions and liturgies to follow and how to deal with strong emotions in a personal way.

The teenager, until he is an adult, will move in low defined social boundaries where exploration and discovery are still possible, roles are not well defined and the sense of freedom is dangerously palpable. The tension between action, destruction, hope and vision generates an extreme desire for emancipation, irreverence, energy and madness. A strange emotional fluctuation through a mysterious sexual identity, undefined and continuously changing, which manifests itself in an unpredictable, elusive, evasive way.

Adolescence, subject of nostalgia, denigration or envy, is confined in an atypical social limbo, whose protagonists are not fully considered as subjects of having rights. Teenagers and young people are carefully studied and pampered by the consumer society as preferential models and future, omnivorous consumers.

An ephemeral and fleeting state of being looks for another expressive language and desecrating new codes, self-destructive, anxious and vital. A mixture of impulsive and restless resources. This highlights the transient state of their existence and forms the basis of their impending future. Adolescents appear and disappear like shining planets, mysterious and moody.