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#10 Sports, Editorial


Champions in the most obscure sports are often more popular than a Nobel Prize. A sports event often becomes a cultural event. Sport economies drive giant investments and market research. Yet millions of people practice sports every day, in silence, away from the cameras, far from the interests of the sponsors and from the eyes of fans.

Recreation. Competition. Pastime. Work. Hobby. Obsession. Distraction. Movement. Meditation. Challenge. Nothing like the sport is capable of describing the character of a person and measure loyalty. The sport can be a safety valve for explosive release of repressed energy. Or a break from daily routine, a corner of serenity that we give to ourselves. It can be an excuse for meeting new people, broaden social relations. Or become an escape route, a precious opportunity to deal with ourselves. 18 photographers bring a glance at the major and minor sports, in large theaters and small fields in the suburbs, in self-managed gyms and smelly locker rooms, in the main streets of big cities and in the fields left behind by a wild urbanization.

Run after a ball in the middle of a field, climb a mountain, cross a river, run to the next town, throw yourself from a plane. Eat up kilometers. Lift tons. Hit millions of balls. Chase for years a millisecond. Do it to achieve a balance. To overcome a limit. Only you know when it’s time to stop. Never Stop.