/10 Sports

Bleda Y Rosa

Campos de fútbol

This project gathers together a series of photographs of football pitches, but approached as spaces of daily routine, spaces for play and possibly low-level competition, spaces open to appropriation, empty spaces, abandoned and in disuse, peripheral and occasionally indeterminate spaces whose purpose is shaped by the very use that is made of them. The intention with this project was to reflect upon the passage of time in relation to the geographical space and to bring about discussion on a type of place rather than a particular place in question. And to do this we take a route that is close to us, both from the geographical point of view as well as from that of our personal memory. Many of these pitches are similar to those which ourselves experienced, so the remembering, the memory and the passing of time to which we allude have a dimension which affects both the objective condition of the places as well as the temporary experience that can be built
upon them.