/08 Works
#8 Work, Editorial


The first day of work is the toughest day, you are in a new place with new people, and have everything to learn. The last day of work can be just as hard, the end of a cycle, the closing of an experience and new balances to be built. In the between, a lifetime. So many hopes get involved in the work, energies, experiences and tensions.

Especially in times of great economic hardship, as the current one, the word "work" becomes an empty word, because it is missing the object which gives the word ameaning, and thus "work" becomes an abstract term, meaningless, like many other words used these days, such as "growth" and "trust". But who emptied these words of their meaning?

In this issue, with the projects of twenty-two photographers, Landscape Stories attempts to investigate the "world of work" through the images, with a narrative that couldgive a body and a sense to this word, in the hope that "work" can revert to being a "place" central to our living, where you can grow expectations and desires. Enjoy, and "good work" to all.