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Max Rommel

Gino Valle_Sulla soglia della narrazione

On the threshold of narration

Max Rommel’s photographic research reached me without impositions but showing itself to my sight as if every image was about to tell a story. I say “about to tell”, and not “telling” a story because on this threshold of narration we remain suspended, assimilating not only the past – the story – of what we are watching but even the possible, the disclosure of the beginning, something that gives back to perception the thickness of time in its becoming experience. Even in these pictures, which should belong to “architectonic” genre, we are caught in the knot that ties formal rigour and emotional deepness, in a temporal concentration that makes the partiality of the contemporary eye (which can’t no longer place itself in an advantaged cognitive and judging point) the generative track of an infinite resonance. So it seems that these images ask our experience to continue the story that had just begun, moving in quest in the time of memory, connecting the detail we see with an imagined or invented completeness: in their evidence without ambiguity, they lead us a step away from the invisible, instead.

Gian Mario Villalta

“On the threshold of narration” is a project about Gino Valle’s buildings situated in the Pordenone area. A research that is deliberately balanced between representation and description, that narrates public works of the Udine-based architect without celebration intent, giving past times a value, investigating around private clues, looking for new and non conventional interpretations. A path through different scales (Galvani directional center in Pordenone, Ideal Standard factories in Zoppola, Pasolini’s grave in Casarsa) and different clients (publics, Casarsa and Fontanafredda town halls, and private, Zanussi headquarters, Porcia, Banca Credito Cooperativo headoffice, Azzano Decimo). Emancipating from the formal constraint of a traditional approach, letting the introspective side of architecture come out.

Ivo Boscariol

Promoted by Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori della provincia di Pordenone for Pordenonelegge.it
Exhibition during the “Gino Valle” book presentation, Pierre-Alain Croset, Luka Skansi, Electa architettura, 2010, Palazzo Gregoris, Pordenone, september 2011.
Edited by Ivo Boscariol with Margherita Bortolus, Sara Cosarini, Vittorio Pierini, Francesca Verardo.