/13 Vietnam

Joana Castelo

In Ho Chi Minh City

A photographic diary of a journey in Vietnam. A portuguese in her luso-vietnamese family. The intimate and personal images are the result of eleven years visiting the country. The city streets are daily circuits.

We jump into the void.
Pure. Once again.
Accompanied by our weapons of universe construction.
Hand in hand, each with their music, each in his own path.
We recreate another who accompanies us, sometimes silent, sometimes listener,
sometimes dialogic.
We are afraid and flee; we believe we are in the right place and proceed.
Space is made of layers of times. Coexistent. Past and present.
A same plane is built by fragments, romantically destroyed. Beautiful.
Gazing the face of the now, built through the mutant face of what was, what was not and silently anticipating what will be.
Are you afraid? What are you telling me? Why do we anesthetize ourselves like this?
What is beauty? Why do we feel so much?
And knowing a place, what is it?
Is wanting to come back unwilling to imprison, I transcribe to the red notebook.
And see images inhabited by emptiness, with smells and words in echo, evidence of an emotional referent.
Autobiographical, anonymous or collective.”

Ana Pereira