/13 Vietnam

Sebastian Keitel

Home (2009/2010)

Vietnam‘s communist system has produced a remarkable economic growth in recent years, quite similar to the one in China, a development by leaps and bounds, that reveals in a gigantic speculation-driven construction boom. This again attracts thousands of migrant workers, sometimes bringing along their families from the countryside to seek a poorly paid and risky job on one of the construction sites in the cities. My work shows human dwellings within construction sites, the sleeping quarters of migrant workers in Vietnam‘s capital Hanoi. These ephemeral shelters made of nets and cardboard determine a confined space in space that serves the workers as a bed and mobile home. The fragile tissues suggest privacy and may give a little protection against dust and mosquitoes.

Archival pigment prints, each 80 x 100 cm, framed, edition of 5 + 2 AP.