/11 Wealth

Jan Stradtmann


“Belgravia is of one the richest parts of London. Just as the name of the Porsche brand, Belgravia stands for wealth and high living standard, financial power, potency, and strength. The typological layout of the photographs picks up on the recurring situation on the streets of Belgravia. Each photo shows a parked Porsche in front of an upper class home with the same fences and doorways. The serial representation of the scene undermines the distinctiveness that usually comes with the possession of a Porsche. Instead of displaying the individuality and taste of its owner, it here dissolves into a reiterated sign emptied out of its original meaning. Staging the Porsches by night turns them into relict-like pieces integrated in the setting of antiquely adorned columns and spearhead-fences which recall better times. The lettering “Belgravia” as part of the work is typeset in the typography of the current Porsche models. The merging of the word Belgravia with the significant typography can be seen as an elevation that creates a new independent logo.”
The series “Belgravia” consists of 6 photographs (all LightJet prints, each 80 x 73 cm, framed, edition of 5) and a typeface logo on glass.