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Sven Jacobsen

Back to Mama

On my several journeys as a photographer i felt the strong wish to realize this book again and again.

In this book i show my personal gap between family and loneliness, between love that is alive and the dormant kind by mixing photos from my journeys with private family pictures.

This topic can also be taken generally: It shows a strong wish back to the simple things in life, back to more awareness. It is also a radical demand to preserve the love to genuine truth, to beauty and all things good.

I try to find soul in a cold, over-engineered world and try to freeze it in pictures. I simply try to locate bliss in the simple things, in the aesthetics of the moment, in order to render a mood visible and i am mostly concerned with emotionality, lightness and authenticity.

The title“ back to mama“ can be understood in different variations: for me its acceptation is back to the simple things, to the essence, back to the roots, back home, find peace of mind, away from too much perfection, leave the achievement-oriented lifestyle behind, back to real warmth and truth.

You can also recognize this wish in the picture language. The pics are all warm and emotional. They defy too much perfection. They are something of an homage to a world that is very close and beckons daily, and to life and its loveliness.