/17 Food

Tom Calvert

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

I hate cooking. I am absolutely no good at it. I lack skill, finesse and culinary knowledge. I’m clumsy and make a mess. I can’t chop things finely and I call everything I make ‘rustic’. My girlfriend makes a strange face when I say ‘I’ll cook’, and we normally end up eating out. This project is about my relationship with food. Before I started this project I didn’t own an apple corer-peeler-slicer machine nor did I realise that kiwis made excellent fake eyes. Yet through the process of creating this work I now own that apple corer-peeler-slicer machine and I now fully appreciate the qualities of a kiwi. Some of the images I have made, play on the linguistic absurdities that can be found in the world of gastronomy whilst other images were created through the playfulness and exploration of my relationship with food. The intentions of these images are not to be sombre or serious but to highlight an enjoyment that can be found within both photography and food-an enjoyment that I have experienced myself whilst making this series.