/22 Outer spaces
Reality is that which doesn't go away


Our post-kubrickian travel in time and space has by now amply surpassed the year 2001, a place of the mind where knowledge is no longer represented by a black glossy sharp stone.

In Outer Spaces we present the dense plots of connections between us and the world, the man-machine relationships, the relations with the devine element, with the other self, with the inexplicable. Some conjectures of what we are, of all that we will do and of what there will be. A travel adrift where we will loose ourselves on the surface of images.

All that is out of us attracts and repels at the same time, between temptation and fear. The fascination for a new landscape, hostile and sublime, on the other side of its illusory truthfulness invites us to undertake new directions and to cross new limits. The deepest dark manifests itself as soon as we overtake metaphysical tops. What’s human? What’s real?
A very long corridor of energy beams us in the direction of a gigantic point of light. How much can we go far from here?