/25 Altered landscape

Elina Ruka


“Aqueous starts with a transparent sheet. It is similar to a clear state of mind or the serenity of water at its most quiet form. However, water is in a constant flux; the moment when one thinks to have seen the shape of water, it is already gone. Similarly, the way how we feel about water is dependent on our life experiences and circumstances, thus, constantly shifting. When I am filling the transparency with an image, I am trying to fill the gaps in my knowledge, or rather experience, of water. Since I learn about water from working on it, they are images that create the experience. I layer photographs as if dissecting water and looking for recognizable only to realize that it is an illusion. I construct these realities of knowledge, movement and depth within the frames, sometimes also drawing the lines and adding tape, to secure stability even though it is not charectiristic of water. Water makes me think about the existance. Working on the subject is contemplating the ever-changing aspect of life, us and photography. Therefore, the indeterminacy of subject and life is also the motivator and strenght. When working with dripping ink from a printer, I refer to change and uncontrollable aspects of water and life, as well as the movement of the subject and still of the medium. The alteration of the photographs abstracts the world, connecting the fluidity of water, consciousness, medium and form.”