/24 Road

Vincent Delbrouck

Hablar en voz baja

This series is a work in progress started in 2014, on the Cuban island. It is a new chapter in my practice by connecting natural elements with characters and small colorful details.

I have been working in Cuba for many years now, publishing a first (and very nervous) book in 2008 about my experiences in a family and a crazy neighborhood of Havana, at the beginning of the new century. Cuba is my playground, beyond documentary. It is a place to which I belong, full of short stories, contradictory emotions, imaginary landscapes and paintings I love to explore with intuition and passion. A book will be published by Ludion in 2017. In the tradition of the gentle art of collages, pictures and writings will be served with a taste of feminine energy and immersed in the landscape as a life flow, an improvisation on the canvas of double pages and a walking trace in my fantasy.