/29 Cities

Christian Höhn


Christian Hoehn's work has focused for many years on the world's megacities. His photographs of settings in large cities, usually shot from elevated perspectives, evoke a wide range of associations, and convey monumentality and often feelings such as anonymity and alienation. The large-scale photographs show both a wide diversity and at the same time a certain uniformity in international urbanization. Purposeful colour nuances and perspectives enhance the clear-cut city aesthetics which make surface, style and design their central maxim, and which are ultimately inescapable. Christian Hoehn takes up this tendency in his works, underlining his point of view with the means of modern photography. Nevertheless, these are authentic images which, due to the Diasec process or mounting in a light box, have a particular effect and brilliancy.
These images, completely devoid of people, express more than you would notice at first sight. The viewer cannot help reaching certain conclusions about the people living here, about their environment, their moods, their needs, and also their fears. Thus – although invisible – human beings and the issue of their life ideologies become the real topic. The series Megacities currently comprises over 50 works and is exhibited both nationally and internationally in public institutions, museums and galleries.

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