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Katarzyna Wasowska, Krystian Daszkowsk

It so happens that the world is not what it seems

The world certainly has more dimensions than those which are accessible to our everyday senses. It is not known whether they are the result of human imagination or reality. We also do not know whether reality does not come from imagination — from the mind. This visual story touches upon the supernatural events, which carry the deepest emotions, related to, among other, loss, desire, and sometimes are an outlet for fear or longing, which were experienced by certain people.

This work consists of photographs and videos documenting the essence of these experiences and archival photographs-objects that become somehow a portal in time, entangled in a new context. The background of the stories is the representation of the various beliefs and symbols that help us to put it nicely — live. They relate to disease prevention, attract fertility, or alert to danger.

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