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Christopher Woodcock

Bedroom Rockers

Bedroom Rockers Statement:

Bedroom Rockers (2005) is a book that investigates the home environments of 97 DJs- from the well-known to the newly minted – in five cities: Portland, Miami, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.. Using a 4x5 field camera my intention for the project was to depict and capture the tiniest details of each home turntable set-up or music production studio in their most natural state. By shooting people's home environments, I wanted to reflect a more honest side of DJ culture and to separate it from the superstardom of the club through showing the intimate spaces that people live and create in. While lacking people, each image becomes an uniquely curated portrait of place where there are no drink tickets, flashing lights, or crowds; records are the only stars and mixing is its own reward.

Instagram: christopher.woodcock