/02 Snow Blind

Carlos Lobo

The Sonic Booms

The sonic booms is my tribute to all the bands and youth movements which contributed to make this world a better place. I was inspired by my own music background (I have played in a band for more than 15 years) and for the events of May 1968, which have shown that there is a great inner strenght in youth and that we should try to keep that spirit even as we grow old.

“Well I’m through with people who can’t get off their arse to help themselves change this government and better this society ‘cos it’s shit. But hold on a second: I smell burning. And I see a change comin’ ‘round the bend. And I suggest to you that it takes just five seconds of decision to realise that the time is right o start thinkin’ about a little… Revolution!”

Spacemen 3