/15 Mountains

Morgan Rachel

Levy The Blue of Where You Are Not & A Strange Sound In The Deep Silence

Places in and moments of transition are a motivating theme in my work. An ongoing series of work in Iceland is about a relationship with a landscape. In geothermally active Iceland something is always stirring below the surface. Subterranean movement creates an endlessly shifting landscape; little is solid or certain. This process of simultaneous destruction and reshaping generates a sense of uncertainty and disorientation. In the Icelandic landscape one never feels fully in control. The horizon lies beyond reach and a deceptively close mountain is in reality still far away. My work conveys that kind uncertainty. Recognizing the power of photographs to convey order in unfamiliar situations, I deliberately introduce the unknown and linger in the vague territory of metaphor. My images are often digitally composited, rendered unrecognizable from their original state. I draw from personal experience but focus on themes that widely resonate: fears of isolation, loss, and the intangibility of what was once close. I strive to create something unidentifiable but familiar, nonetheless, to suggest that there is more substance to connect with beneath the surface of the photograph.