/19 Australia

Wouter Van de Voorde

(Hume) Sunrise

Silent and still

The scene sits down as minutes flock by. A silent wale of the wind bombards through without rustling a blade of grass. Its presence unknown and unnoticed. As a photographer, the reaction to catch such stillness leaves the mind frantic, prepared and perilously planning each flawless representation. Their main attribute being calm, enamouring our every sense in our visual mind, revealling moments so perfect, they barely exist. They take on whims of the mind in their production and how they form as pictutres, crafting the feeling of painting to real life scenes. Scenes so surreal we do not know how they came to view, and how they were put together. Their origin bemuses us.

Although they carry a calm sensation, they fluxuate between inactivity and scenes of overwhelming danger. Yet always keep a calm and logical approach throughout the capturing process. The scenes ultimately lead to atmosphere, that strikes continuity between everything Wouter does with a camera. Their post production playing a part in the process of panic, smogged by photographic mirroring, cloaking what reality the scene had left and creating something completely new all together. The scenes are a masterful bliss, perfect in the execution, and leave us scratching our heads how such perfection met continuty and repition, churning out photographs time after time.

Text: Alexander Norton