/25 Altered landscape

Francois Ronsiaux

United Land

United Land is a global photography and visual arts project that explores the notion of territoriality and man’s psychoses when confronted with the possible disappearance of his vital space. Througout the 21st century, man, with his never-ending drive to control his living environment, finds himself facing the pos­sibility of a temporary existence as well as the potentiality that life on earth could end progressively or even abruptly. We are living this era with a conscious or subconscious long-term insecurity, making it difficult to project into the future. The result is an acceleration of our lifestyles as well as a palliative desire for constructing urgent and short-term projects. Our post-modern society has been defined by the shattering and disintegration of Progress as a fundamental value accepted as a general and federating idea – and is now being forced into an awareness of the serious problems caused by socio-economic and environmental deregulation. The productivism paradigm has made us realise the fragility of our physical and psychological vital spaces. United Land represents an instant of time where activity and movement are halted and human effort is subjected to contem­plation thanks to utopic underwater landscapes that are definitively unaffected by outside influences with the exception of marine erosion. Symbolising man’s loss of control of the environment, water becomes a regulating vector replacing man’s habitat following a hypothetical ice thaw. Through this immersion the idea of belonging to a political and human territory loses all meaning and becomes an abstract. The different exposures taken all over the world are identifiable but in United Land only the longitude/latitude co-ordinates are recognised – the photographs do not belong to any geopolitical identity. The projet, without calling for an ecological interrogation engages on the capacity of man to conceive of his existence under an adaptive form rather than an appropriative one or how to reassess the precepts underlying the functioning of contemporary Society.

Pole Reversal / United Land project

IP United Land is a serie of photographic montages throughout the world, in resonance with the scientific theory of inversion of the magnetic poles of the planet. The project is articulated around the «Survival Map», representing the planet earth with a sea level higher than 300m from the year 2012, date of creating the map. Every monument, building, natural element, exceeding a height of 300m is represented by a symbol and directs photographic mapping project Reversal Pole. The theory of reverse polarity, fairly recent, is not questionable on the scientific point of view because proven, but its precise origins and what it can potentially result gives rise to several different points of view. It was discovered in the geological analysis of rocks including volcanic planet, at different times in the history of the earth, magnetic pole reversals shorter or longer occurred. Two opposing views on the origin of these inversions: the first is a big shock type meteorite, the second is due to the bubbling magma from the heart of the world which could produce random magnetic flux capable of reversing the poles. Poles move regularly present their points of reference, but we can not possibly predict today when a possible reversal could occur in the future. IP United Land is a fictional research based on the theories of some researchers, one of the consequences of a reversal of poles long enough and the starting point of the project United Land. In case of inversion, there would be a massive movement of ocean currents and the loss of stability of the ice cap that would move from North to South and from South to North, the amount of ice moving progressively be based and produce a rising water fast and steady. The project depicts a fantasy picture of this situation moving glacial confronting our architecture by increasing the current level of 300 meters of the sea, it is a time T in the middle of a land procecus uncontrollable and unpredictable.