/25 Altered landscape

Inka & Niclas Lindergård

Becoming Wilderness

Using landscape photography as the waypoint, the works have their base in reworkings of visual cliches and the characteristics of the photographic medium. We relate to the constant stream of nature photographs that we are constantly fed with on our screens. The work circulates around investigations on the photograph as a carrier of an often mysterious and stylized image of nature. To take a photo as a present-day ritual. Sunsets are pulled down to earth, a cloud of glitter is suspended mid air in the form of a sparkling nebula from the NASA archives, the Yosemite Half dome is covered by a big black blob. We treat our actions, be it throwing powder into the wind, building a sculpture out of branches or by light briefly coloring some rocks, as performances done in alliance with the landscape, the elements and the camera.

New book: The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth will be published by Kerber

For print inquires: Grundemark Nilsson Gallery