/23 Japan

Hiroshi Takizawa


“Concrete Is on My Mind” is a series about destruction and reproduction. Made of sand and stones, concrete is omnipresent in our built environment and often has similar texture and appearance. While it blends naturally into everyday life, I’m always reminded of its materiality when I encounter a damaged concrete surface. Destruction exposes its substantial origin while reproduction turns it back to a familiar facade. Unlike natural stones, concrete not only contains a condensed flow of time, but also represents a sum of artificial actions, and reproductive, like photography, nature. In “figure” I attempt to re-materialize otherwise intangible imagery of concrete. Creases and luster of photo paper are used to imitate distinct concrete characteristics. Consequently, flatness and materiality of photography are juxtaposed, inducing a cognitive illusion of depth and touch. Broken concrete can be found everywhere, from damaged buildings in a city to a river bed among natural stones. Just like photography, concrete repeats the circle of destruction and regeneration, continuously returning back to its feral state.