/23 Japan

Koyama Taisuke

Rainbow Variations

With my background in biology and natural environmental studies, I creates photographic and video works, exploring the possibility of image making in the post-digital age.

”RAINBOW VARIATIONS” (2009 – ongoing) is a group of works generating variations of images of the artificial rainbow images, which were originally close-up shots of rainbow colored advertising posters in Tokyo in 2009, by an iterative approach using natural phenomena and digital devices. The main concept of ”RAINBOW VARIATIONS” is to explore the undecidability of photographic images – in other words, possibilities of iteration and regeneration of images using experimental production method.

I made 5 photographic series of ”RAINBOW VARIATIONS” since 2009. Every variations were made from the physical prints of ”RAINBOW FORM” (2009) which is the first series of this variation work.

”RAINBOW FORM” is fragmented close-ups of a found rainbow colored advertising posters taken from a vending machine in various place of Tokyo. The close-ups include scratches and stains, discoloring and water droplets. Other series include “MELTING RAINBOWS” (2010), depicting the dissolution of the images due to rain and snow; “RAINBOW WAVES” (2013), depicting the lens like effects of gentle waves and ripples of inland sea, which was made at Setouchi Art Triennale 2013 at Shodoshima Island in Japan; “SEVENTH DEPTH” (2014), depicting the effect of multiple exposures caused by an error in the Hasselblad’s extreme high-resolution digital camera and software.
”PICO” (2015) is the latest series of this variation works. I tried to explore to generate new images out of hidden colors and informations of texture on digital images. The production was made with hand scanner, digital handy microscope, inkjet printer and photo editing software.

The images from my past series “RAINBOW FORM” (2009) were converted to expand the micro parts of those data to the size of 1500 times larger, and then again converted further by photo editing software to make the digital grains exaggerated.