/23 Japan

Yumiko Utsu

Out of Ark

Since I was a child, I always liked to build up things with my own hands. I have the impression I always have used tools or devoted myself to tridimensional objects, more than drawing. During the high school years, photography was in fashion among the girls, so I was carried away, as well, and started taking pictures. At that time, I took pictures of toys and living things, already.

I choose photography as a medium because it allowed me to create using plants and other living beings. Even though you build up something with a volume, with photography you can preserve the living freshness of that moment. Moreover, I liked the fact that photography gave the possibility of representing something bigger, for instance using the macro lens: you can see details better than with naked eye.

“Photography” is written in Japanese with two characters, meaning “reflecting on truth”.

All the things I photographed really existed in front of my eyes, but you cannot transmit it through painting or writing. It’s been some time since I got annoyed by the fact of always having to explain that I don’t make montages, even though I believe that with photography it is easier for the observer to believe that I really saw with my eyes the objects I portray. Even if it is an image someone took just for fun, something that is not even worth it to shoot, I guess you can perceive the interest implied in the fact that it really existed.

excerpt from Mizu no Oto catalogue, 2011