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Frank Breuer


By means of photography and video, Frank Breuer explores ways of description and representation of both places and objects. He is interested in landscape, shaped by production and logistics, with its standardized buildings, infrastructure and networks. His subject is the placelessness, our globalized economy creates by negating local references and peculiarities.

“Poles” is about the ubiquity of the US American power supply grid in public space: old wooden utility poles can be seen everywhere, laden down with transformers and sprouting a multitude of power, telephone and broadband Internet cables. Some of them have tilted over because of the weight they have to bear, while others have been weathered by rain and storms over the years. A minimum maintainance often made them appear like random sculptures. With his portrait-like approach, Frank Breuer adresses both the individuality of the single object and the US American landscape. And, regarding the invisible, the flows of energy and information, there is often a slight discomfort aroused by these photographs.