/29 Cities

Pablo López Luz

Terrazzo + Frontera

Terrazo, shot mostly in the outskirts of Mexico city, came about as a necessity to fully portray the consequence of the erratic urban spread upon the landscape, and the social, political and ecological significance of this transformation. In a megalopolis like Mexico City, constantly threatened by its incessant population growth and its absolute lack of infrastructure, the relationship between man and his living space is ever so apparent. The once bare and unpopulated mexico city valley has violently been consumed by the migrating rural society which has not found the industrialized promise it was looking for. The photographs in this selection share the problematics of the contemporary megacity: overconsumption of natural resources, economic disparity, social unrest, overcrowding, pollution, etc.

The Frontera project approaches the subject of borders from a new perspective, that of the landscape and the original imposition of the political boundary. The photographs presented in this selection follow the perimeter of the US - Mexico border while flying from both sides of the opposing geographies. The compass is therefore lost, and the North and South cardinal points are only definable by the presence of the border cities. The notion of the border is therefore reinterpreted, stripping it to its bare minimum and drawing attention to the physicality of the landscape itself, which acts as the primary imposition that precedes the political and social discourses, as well as the emergence of the border city. The border appears as a scar in the topography of the region, a barrier inscribed in nature, whose imposing conditions are determined by man.